‘Heal’ Documentary

This is a short 2 minute Trailer for the documentary ‘Heal’, where you will discover that the latest science reveals that we are not victims of unchangeable genes, and that we have more control over our health and life than we have been taught to believe. This documentary will empower you with a new understanding of the miraculous nature of the human body and theView Now

How To Feel Good Enough

When we don’t feel good enough, we also usually think something is wrong with us, and these feelings can really hold us back in life. The first 11 minute video shares “why” we don’t feel good enough, and the second 15 minute video shares simple steps to help you feel enough in a matter of days. These two videos share different views and approaches, howeverView Now

Acknowledge Your Reflection

Several times a day we look in a mirror. And every time we look back at our reflection, most of us either pick ourselves apart, critique ourselves, or we don’t acknowledge ourselves. If this is you, it’s time to stop. In this 8 minutes video, best-selling author and motivational speaker ‘Mel Robbins’ will inspire you to look at your reflection in a whole new lightView Now

Conscious Manifestation

Are you living your happiest and fullest life? According to leading spiritual teacher and best-selling author ‘Eckhart Tolle’, there is one important secret to manifesting the things you want in your life. Eckhart shares this secret in this 10 minute video, as well as the importance of not relying on manifesting to make you happy in life, and how not all manifestation is equal! TheView Now

Taking Control of Triggers

Would you like to learn how to keep calm when you get triggered?  Even better – would you like to be completely free from triggers? If so, these two videos are for you! In the first 5 minute video, best-selling author, motivational speaker and creator of The 5 Second Rule, ‘Mel Robbins’ shares how to ground yourself ahead of time, to help settle your mind whenView Now

Becoming Self-Aware

In this short video, spiritual teacher ‘Mooji’ shares the importance and benefits of becoming Self Aware, after being asked how to deal with stress. Mooji also shares simple steps to help you to detach from your Mind, so you too can experience inner peace and stillness. Mooji brings the possibility of Self-realization into the here and now. His communication is simple, direct and immediate. AnView Now