A Life With Less Waste

‘Happen Films’ brings us this 10 minute video, giving us a sneak peek into the life of the ‘Carter Family’ in Hobart Australia. This inspiring story shows us how an average suburban family of 5 have taken action to live a waste-free life as best as they can.

Lauren, Oberon and their kids have found a way to produce almost no waste over the last 2 years. There’s no reason why more of us can’t start implementing even some of the changes that the Carter family have made. If you are thinking this sounds great but way too hard, or you are unsure where you would even start, then you need to watch this video! It’s as easy as making a few baby steps towards a more positive change.

The Above Video is from the YouTube channel ‘Happen Films’.

The image used for this post is by ‘Daria Shevtsova’ (sourced from ‘Pexels’).


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