Releasing Fear of Judgement

Would your life look different if you didn’t care about what other people thought of you? Are the decisions you make based on impressing, or seeking the approval of others? This 13 minute Video by ‘Evan Carmichael’ is a Must-Watch and includes a 3 step process to build more confidence so you can stop caring what other people think of you. As long as weView Now

10 Ways To Naturally Detox

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This short 8 minute Video shares 10 natural ways to detox your body daily, using ayurveda practices. These methods will not only help flush toxins out of your body, but will also help prevent them from building up over time. All of these practices are simply, easy to do and require very little time. Why not start incorporating some of these practices now! The AboveView Now

15 Minute Morning Stretch

Awaken and enliven your body, mind and soul in as little as 15 minutes! This full body morning yoga stretch by certified yoga teacher ‘Allie Van Fossen’, cares for your whole body, by moving through postures that energize and awaken each of the seven chakras. This practice also includes intention setting. We love this stretch first thing in the morning, and we hope you doView Now

Speaking To Water

Water is everywhere around us and we ourselves are made up of 60% water. Without water we cannot exist, yet it’s something most of us take for granted, while overlooking it’s mystery, magic and beauty. This is a short, yet powerful 5 minute Video and story by ‘Pat McCabe’, a Navajo and Lakota activist, which will have you never looking at water the same againView Now

Simple Tools To Manage Stress

Would you like to know how to better manage stress? In this 10 minute Video, neuroscientist and professor at Stanford University ‘Andrew Huberman’ shares the science behind stress, in a way that’s easy to understand, as well as some practical tools that are straight forward and which you can start using today! These tools are simple to do and don’t require much of your time.View Now

When To Quit On Someone

Not all relationships are easy and some are simply toxic for our well-being, regardless whether they are family, friends, work colleagues etc. Knowing if and when to cut certain people out of our lives can be very difficult to ponder. In this 17 minute Video, New York Times best-selling author and high performance coach ‘Brendon Burchard’ share 5 ideas that will help you answer thisView Now