Meditation Made Easy!

With the busy lives so many of us live, our thinking becomes overactive, so we get lost in our thoughts and we forget who we really are and what we are capable of. Leading spiritual teacher and best-selling author ‘Eckhart Tolle’ makes meditation easy in this 30 minute Guided Meditation. The purpose of this meditation is simply to ‘be’; so thinking is not important orView Now

Powerful Meditation

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International lecturer, researcher, best-selling author and educator, ‘Dr. Joe Dispenza’ will guide you in this 15 minute Meditation. This Meditation is powerful and will leave you feeling high on life! All you need is 15 minutes and a desire to feel amazing. Try not to be put off by Dr. Joe’s voice. Go into this completely open minded and see where the meditation takes you….View Now

“I Am Enough” Meditation

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World renowned speaker, therapist and best-selling author, ‘Marisa Peer’ will guide you through a simple, yet powerful Meditation, where you install the belief “I Am Enough”, allowing you to erase, eradicate and release what is holding you back. This guided meditation came highly recommended to us and it definitely is powerful! Your thoughts control your feelings; Your feelings control your actions; Your actions control events.View Now

Say ‘Hello’ To Your Superpower!

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This Video is simply of rain in the rainforest – yes, that’s right! Take some time out of your day to Connect to Nothing! It doesn’t seem productive, yet Connecting to Nothing is where you will find Everything! Be open minded if you are new to Meditation. Like anything, it takes time and practice. Be persistent and say ‘Hello’ to your Superpower! If you haveView Now

Choosing Happiness

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Is happiness a choice? We live in a fast world, where everything is changing at the blink of an eye. This way of life is having a negative impact on our well-being physically, mentally and emotionally. Could Meditation & Mindfulness be the answer? This Documentary ‘A Joyful Mind’ pulls back the curtain on what it means to meditate, on what modern science reveals about itsView Now

Inner Harmony Meditation

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Deborah at ‘Rituals Cosmetics Global’ shares this simple Meditation practice which is beneficial for both physical health and psychological well-being. In this practice Deborah will help guide you simply through a consciousness and awareness of breathing, which will help create a sense of balance and harmony in the body, mind and spirit. All you need for this meditation is 20 minutes and a quiet space.View Now