How To Feel Good Enough

When we don’t feel good enough, we also usually think something is wrong with us, and these feelings can really hold us back in life. The first 11 minute video shares “why” we don’t feel good enough, and the second 15 minute video shares simple steps to help you feel enough in a matter of days. These two videos share different views and approaches, howeverView Now

Taking Control of Triggers

Would you like to learn how to keep calm when you get triggered?  Even better – would you like to be completely free from triggers? If so, these two videos are for you! In the first 5 minute video, best-selling author, motivational speaker and creator of The 5 Second Rule, ‘Mel Robbins’ shares how to ground yourself ahead of time, to help settle your mind whenView Now

Releasing Fear of Judgement

Would your life look different if you didn’t care about what other people thought of you? Are the decisions you make based on impressing, or seeking the approval of others? This 13 minute Video by ‘Evan Carmichael’ is a Must-Watch and includes a 3 step process to build more confidence so you can stop caring what other people think of you. As long as weView Now

The PSYCH-K Method

Are some of your beliefs limited and holding you back? What if there is a way to change a subconscious belief you have had your entire life, in as little as 15 or 20 minutes! In this short 10 minute Video, bestselling author, stem cell biologist and internationally recognized speaker ‘Dr. Bruce Lipton’ discusses what he believes to be the fastest way to reprogram theView Now

Introvert Or Extrovert?

What exactly does it mean to be an Introvert, or Extrovert, and which of the two are you? Many people think introverts are socially awkward, and this is simply not the case. These 2 Videos will clarify the definitions for you, so you can better understand yourself and other people. As visionary thinker and author ‘Simon Senek’ explains in the first 3 minute Video, itView Now

When Life Gets Tough

What do you do when life gets tough? In this 16 minute ‘TEDx Talk’, international entrepreneur, author, philosopher and teacher ‘Peter Sage’ shares how he transformed his life and the life of many others through his experience of being locked up in Britain’s most violent prison. Peter shares his top tips on how to deal with the toughest situations and become your best when lifeView Now