Stream Of Gratitude

‘Natalie MacNeil’, the author of ‘The Rituals’ shares with us in this short 7 minute video an example of a ‘Stream Of Gratitude’. This ritual can be practiced individually, with someone else, or in a group. It’s simply about expressing as much gratitude as possible! Go set that timer and feel the power of Gratitude. Consistency is key – see what difference practicing gratitude canView Now

Everyday Happiness

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The Danes are consistently ranked as the world’s happiest people and ‘hygge’ might have something to do with it! Challenging to sum up in one word, hygge is a Danish ritual of enjoying life’s simple pleasures and what has been described as being ‘consciously cozy’ and ‘the pursuit of everyday happiness.’ This 5 minute Video gives some classic examples of hygge rituals, so you tooView Now

10 Minute Morning Yoga

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This quick 10 minute Yoga routine with ‘Kassandra’ is a great way to start the day – to stretch your body, connect, and set intentions for the day ahead. This short practice is also ideal for those of us that are always short on time and craving some self-love. 10 minutes is doable and sustainable! Whether you are a beginner or yoga-pro, you will loveView Now

Making “NO” a Ritual

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‘Matt D’Avella’ is a filmmaker and is best known for his documentary ‘Minimalism’. In this short video Matt discusses the importance and significance of saying “No”. When we start saying “No” to the things we don’t want, is the moment we start saying “Yes” to the things that we do want. This doesn’t take away the power of “Yes”, but it does take the powerView Now

Powerful Evening Routines

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We have all heard how significant and important morning routines are in the lives of many successful people all around the world – but what about Evening Routines? What you do before you go to sleep is also very important and in this 5 minute Video ‘SUCCESS INSIDER’ discusses why, as well as sharing 5 Evening Routines of some highly successful people. Maybe it’s timeView Now

Creating a Calming Routine

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This Article by ‘Leo Babauta’ from ‘Zen Habits’ looks at 12 different ideas for Establishing a Calming Routine. With the busy world we now live in, more of us are seeking for the simple things in life and some well-deserved Time Out!…. Every Wednesday is Simplicity Day at Zen Habits. One of the most rewarding changes in my life in the last couple of yearsView Now