Acknowledge Your Reflection

Several times a day we look in a mirror. And every time we look back at our reflection, most of us either pick ourselves apart, critique ourselves, or we don’t acknowledge ourselves. If this is you, it’s time to stop. In this 8 minutes video, best-selling author and motivational speaker ‘Mel Robbins’ will inspire you to look at your reflection in a whole new lightView Now

When To Quit On Someone

Not all relationships are easy and some are simply toxic for our well-being, regardless whether they are family, friends, work colleagues etc. Knowing if and when to cut certain people out of our lives can be very difficult to ponder. In this 17 minute Video, New York Times best-selling author and high performance coach ‘Brendon Burchard’ share 5 ideas that will help you answer thisView Now

Transform Your Relationships

Do you know your ‘Love Language’ and the Love Language of the people you love most? Knowing this will transform your relationships! We all feel loved and appreciated in different ways, so it’s crucial that we show love to the people we love most, in a way that speaks to them. These 3 short Videos will uncover what your love language is, what it saysView Now

Creating True Intimacy

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Like all good sex, this ‘Mindvalley’ Video starts with a lot of foreplay. Clinical Psychologist, best-selling author and international speaker, ‘Dr. Shefali’ is better known as the parenting expert, however in this video she reveals what it takes to create true intimacy, what the greatest orgasmic pleasure is, how to find freedom in your relationships and so much more! You don’t want to miss this!View Now

Setting Boundaries

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Why do we allow and agree to things that are not beneficial to our well-being? Having Boundaries means learning to say “No”. For too long, too many of us have become people-pleasers, leaving ourselves at a disadvantage, in order to accommodate someone, or everyone else. New York Times best-selling author and life coach ‘Iyanla Vanzant’ discusses in this video the Importance of Setting Boundaries, theView Now

Uncheatable Uponable

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This short video with ‘Abraham-Hicks Publications’ sums up the most important relationship that you will ever have. Why are we so dependent on other people, our environment and things to make us happy? Maybe it’s time to start looking for happiness inside ourselves, rather than outside. True, sustainable happiness means we don’t need anyone or anything else in order to be happy. How good doesView Now