Speaking To Water

Water is everywhere around us and we ourselves are made up of 60% water. Without water we cannot exist, yet it’s something most of us take for granted, while overlooking it’s mystery, magic and beauty. This is a short, yet powerful 5 minute Video and story by ‘Pat McCabe’, a Navajo and Lakota activist, which will have you never looking at water the same againView Now

How To Move Forward

We all have times when we feel stuck, or we want ourselves, other people, or our circumstances to be different than what they are. In this Video, motivational speaker, life coach and best-selling author ‘Gabrielle Bernstein’ discusses how we get in our own way and shares 9 ways to surrender and trust in the Universe. This is a great watch and reminder that we’re notView Now

Insight From Other Realms

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There seems to be a common theme with people that have Near Death Experiences (NDE), where they visit other realms. All experiences are unique, however also very similar! We have binge-watched many NDE’s over the last few weeks and it has completely changed the way we look at life. We have put together some of our favorite videos below, hoping that you too can getView Now

Finding ‘Inner’ Purpose

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When we think of purpose, many of us refer to ‘outer’ purpose. In this short 4 minute Video, leading spiritual teacher and best-selling author ‘Eckhart Tolle’ explains what ‘inner’ purpose is and how it is more fundamental than ‘outer’ purpose and usually overlooked. Many of us focus on our destination, or ‘outer’ purpose, which can result in a lot of suffering. True ‘inner’ purpose isView Now

What Is Life All About?

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How did we get here? Where do we go when we die? Are we all One? Is reincarnation possible? We all have different beliefs and these are all questions we ask ourselves at some point in life. This 8 minute Video is an adaptation of ‘The Egg’ story by ‘Andy Weir’ and it will get you thinking about life and different possibilities like never before!View Now

Trust You’re Enough

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This 4 minute Video is short, yet powerful. ‘Peter Crone’ who is also known as ‘The Mind Architect’ discusses how every aspect of life is connected and unique – including each and every one of us. Peter explains that at some point in our life, usually when we are very young, we experience something which makes us believe that we are not enough, which leadsView Now