Releasing Fear of Judgement

Would your life look different if you didn’t care about what other people thought of you? Are the decisions you make based on impressing, or seeking the approval of others? This 13 minute Video by ‘Evan Carmichael’ is a Must-Watch and includes a 3 step process to build more confidence so you can stop caring what other people think of you.

As long as we are worried about other people judging us, we will play small and we will end up living someone else’s version of our life. Ouch! We love Evan’s advice and his 3 step process is brilliant!

You can sign up to Evan’s free video series here: ‘254 Days of Confidence with Evan Carmichael, to receive a short 1-5 minute video via email, for the next 254 days to help you build your confidence, and to help you subconsciously improve your mindset.

The Above Video is from the YouTube Channel ‘Evan Carmichael

The image used for this post is by ‘Andrea Piacquadio’ (sourced from ‘Pexels’).