Introvert Or Extrovert?

What exactly does it mean to be an Introvert, or Extrovert, and which of the two are you? Many people think introverts are socially awkward, and this is simply not the case. These 2 Videos will clarify the definitions for you, so you can better understand yourself and other people. As visionary thinker and author ‘Simon Senek’ explains in the first 3 minute Video, it doesn’t matter whether you are an Introvert or Extrovert, what matters is that you leverage what you have.

In the second ‘TEDx Talk’ Video, improv actor / coach and radio host ‘Kaspars Breidaks’, shares tips on how introverts can find social freedom.

The Above Video is from the YouTube Channel ‘Simon Sinek’.

The Above Video is from the YouTube Channel ‘TEDx Talks’.

The image used for this post is by ‘cottonbro’ from ‘Pexels’.