The PSYCH-K Method

Are some of your beliefs limited and holding you back? What if there is a way to change a subconscious belief you have had your entire life, in as little as 15 or 20 minutes! In this short 10 minute Video, bestselling author, stem cell biologist and internationally recognized speaker ‘Dr. Bruce Lipton’ discusses what he believes to be the fastest way to reprogram theView Now

Transform Your Relationships

Do you know your ‘Love Language’ and the Love Language of the people you love most? Knowing this will transform your relationships! We all feel loved and appreciated in different ways, so it’s crucial that we show love to the people we love most, in a way that speaks to them. These 3 short Videos will uncover what your love language is, what it saysView Now

Introvert Or Extrovert?

What exactly does it mean to be an Introvert, or Extrovert, and which of the two are you? Many people think introverts are socially awkward, and this is simply not the case. These 2 Videos will clarify the definitions for you, so you can better understand yourself and other people. As visionary thinker and author ‘Simon Senek’ explains in the first 3 minute Video, itView Now

How To Move Forward

We all have times when we feel stuck, or we want ourselves, other people, or our circumstances to be different than what they are. In this Video, motivational speaker, life coach and best-selling author ‘Gabrielle Bernstein’ discusses how we get in our own way and shares 9 ways to surrender and trust in the Universe. This is a great watch and reminder that we’re notView Now

9 Steps To A Healthy Gut

Natural health experts ‘Dr Josh Axe’ and ‘Jordan Rubin’ share in this Video 9 Natural Steps To A Healthier Gut. Many experts agree that gut health is the foundation for overall health. Conditions like leaky gut are linked to numerous diseases and research also suggests there is a connection between your gut and emotions – so it’s common sense that gut health is important! Dr.View Now

Meditation Made Easy!

With the busy lives so many of us live, our thinking becomes overactive, so we get lost in our thoughts and we forget who we really are and what we are capable of. Leading spiritual teacher and best-selling author ‘Eckhart Tolle’ makes meditation easy in this 30 minute Guided Meditation. The purpose of this meditation is simply to ‘be’; so thinking is not important orView Now