Taking Control of Triggers

Would you like to learn how to keep calm when you get triggered?  Even better – would you like to be completely free from triggers? If so, these two videos are for you!

In the first 5 minute video, best-selling author, motivational speaker and creator of The 5 Second Rule, ‘Mel Robbins’ shares how to ground yourself ahead of time, to help settle your mind when you next get triggered.

The Above Video is from the YouTube channel ‘Mel Robbins’.

The second video below is by heart alchemist ‘Christina Lopes’. It is 43 minutes long and more in-depth, as it covers what triggers are, why they happen, where they come from, and you will also find a simple 4 step process to help heal your triggers quickly and for good, by getting to the root cause!

The Above Video is from the YouTube channel ‘Christina Lopes’.

The image used for this post is from ‘Pexels’ and by ‘Marcela Alessandra’.